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19 February 2015 Read more

Fluoridation still a lottery

Access to water fluoridation remains a postcode lottery, dental organisations have said. So, too many communities with high levels of dental disease are still being deprived of fluoridation benefits. Only 10% of the UK’s population has access to water fluoridation. This means we are failing children who live in  communities with high levels of tooth decay, the BDA has said. 60,683 children and adolescents in England were admitted to hospital in 2012/13 to have multiple decayed teeth removed under general anesthetic, costing the NHS at least £27.6 million. yet evidence

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16 May 2014 Read more

Another thumbs up for fluoridation!

Further evidence that water fluoridation works has been published by Public Health England. Its reports say that people living in fluoridated areas in the UK have lower levels of tooth decay and that children are less likely to need diseased teeth removed under general anaesthesia than those living in non-fluoridated areas. And it has confirmed that there is no evidence that water fluoridation schemes in the UK are harmful to health. The reports most striking finding was that 28% fewer five-year-olds have tooth decay in fluoridated areas compared with those

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1 April 2014 Read more

Paracetamol information

Paracetamol is a good painkiller for dental pain but is dangerous if you take to much. Too much paracetamol can cause fatal damage to the liver. The liver damage can happen without you knowing or feeling sick. Here is how to use paracetamol safely. STEP 1 Always read the label on your pain medicine. Do not take two medicines which contain paracetamol at the same time. STEP 2 Take your medicine in the way advised on the packet. When you are in pain or tired it is easy to forget

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13 December 2013 Read more

Stem cell treatment of dry mouth a step closer.

Scientists in Japan have bio engineered salivary glands in mice that successfully produce saliva. This a step towards treating dry mouth ( xerostomia) in humans. This condition can cause increased decay, as well as difficulty in chewing and swallowing.

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27 November 2013 Read more

Rise in oral cancer linked to HPV virus.

Sadly there is an increasing number of young patients (aged 20-30) developing cancer in their mouth. This is thought to be linked to the HPV virus ( Human Papillo Virus) and is related to sexual habits. Treatment of oral cancer involves radical, often disfiguring, surgery. Long term survival rates are poor, regular dental examinations are essential even if a person has healthy teeth and gums to check the skin in the mouth for early signs of the disease.

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