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Dentures and Bridges

If you’ve lost a tooth, either as a result of decay or gum disease, you may be left with a noticeable gap in your teeth. Gaps are often treated with a denture or a bridge, but the chosen method of tooth replacement depends on where the gap is in the mouth and the effect it has on the patient’s ability to chew, not to mention the effect it has on the patient’s smile.  

Dentures at Acorn Dental Practice

All of our high quality dentures are fitted by a member of our qualified dentist team or specialist Clinical Denture Technician, Richard Harrison (www.bespokedentureclinic.co.uk).

At Acorn Dental Practice, we’ll fit your dentures on the same day as your tooth extraction treatment, so you can head home with total confidence in your smile. Dentures can be used as a permanent or temporary solution for tooth replacement, and allow your gums to heal following a tooth extraction. Whether you opt for temporary or permanent dentures, our professional team of dentists will ensure all dentures are natural looking and well fitted. For more information about dentures and dental implants, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Dental Bridges

Alternatively, dental bridges can be fitted to replace missing teeth by being attached permanently to one or more other teeth. Our expert dentists, Maxine, Vlad and Sally are highly experienced in the provision of dental bridges and are are committed to delivering great results without sacrificing the health of the patient’s other teeth. Such techniques are less costly than other conventional dental implant techniques and don’t cause any unnecessary structural damage.

Everstick Bridges

Everstick dental bridges use an amazing new technique whereby the patient’s own tooth is extracted and bonded to the teeth either side using a special glass fibre strip. This process is completed at the same visit as the extraction so the patient comes into the surgery with their own tooth and leaves with it!

This technique is ideal for people who have fractured the root of their tooth or are finding it difficult to eat due to bone loss. It can be used just to fill the gap while the socket heals prior to a more permanent solution or can be used as a long term solution. Everstick dental bridges cost less than having dentures and also allow you to keep your very own teeth, giving your self-esteem a boost.

The same technique can be used to bond loose teeth to the teeth either side, holding them in place. We use this technique if a patient’s tooth has become loose due to gum disease or an unexpected knock. Such ‘ splinting’ makes the teeth firm and allows patients to chew without experiencing pain.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges involve some preparation of one or more teeth at the side of the gap. They are made in either porcelain or porcelain fused to gold alloy. They look, and feel like natural teeth, as our technicians match the colour and shape of the replacement teeth to your own.

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