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Cosmetic Treatments

A wide range of cosmetic treatments are carried out by our highly skilled dentists from teeth whitening to bridges. All Crowns, Bridges and Veneers are manufactured in Britain by experienced, talented technicians in line with the latest British standards.

At Acorn Dental we feel cosmetic work should be done with as little damage to the teeth and gums as possible. We will discuss with each patient the non-invasive options first. These are also usually less costly.

If a patient isn’t happy with their smile we take the time to discuss what exactly it is about their smile they don’t like. Is it the colour, position or shape of the teeth or a combination of these aspects? Once we have established what the issue is (¬†for example, the colour) we don’t jump straight in and say the teeth need porcelain veneers, we would suggest tooth whitening- cheaper and non-invasive. If the shape or position of the teeth is the issue we will try and formulate a plan that doesn’t involve a lot of damage to the teeth, we will try and find solutions that involve no or minimal drilling to the teeth. Often reshaping the teeth by adding small amounts of white filings can make a huge difference, especially if combined with tooth whitening.

At Acorn Dental we all use the mantra ‘Would I do it to my daughter?’- if we wouldn’t do it to our daughter we won’t do it to you. Your interests are always at the forefront of the decisions/recommendations we make.

Discussing the options available is the most important part of cosmetic treatments. We will often book a separate full case assessment appointment to do this. This is chargeable but is essential to ensure the right choices are made.

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