Quality dental care from a caring friendly practice

Acorn Dental Practice

The Acorn Dental Team

Acorn Dental Practice is a Team of committed and positive people who strive to bring high standard dental care to York and its surrounds. We work with our patients to improve and maintain their general and dental health, putting THEIR needs first. We help them to make the most of their smiles, not compromising on the time we spend with them, the materials and techniques we use or the cross-infection procedures we carry out.

Dentists Maxine, Sally and Vladimir bring a wealth of knowledge to the practice, each having a wide range of skills and experience. They carry out any treatments with the care, skill and detail that they want when they have treatment themselves. They have no targets to meet so they do not just treat patients, they treat them correctly. They often collaborate in difficult cases to ensure each patient has the best possible treatment tailored to their individual needs. They have particular skill in non-invasive techniques so patients can have great smiles without risking the health of their teeth. They work closely York District Hospital and with a number of local specialist practices in orthodontics (braces), surgery and implants to ensure patients with complex needs receive the best care possible.

Our Hygienist Kim

Our hygienist Kim provides a full range of treatment for gum disease, whether mild or advanced. She provides all patients with advice on cleaning their teeth properly as well as on their diet and the use of Fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

Modern Equipment

Our Dental Therapist Laura provides the same range of treatments as Kim plus a range of other treatments such as simple fillings and impressions.

We extensively use modern equipment to help us in providing the best possible care, whilst our patient database enables us to easily communicate both on reception and in surgery. We use magnifying glasses to aid diagnosis, intra-oral cameras so we can show patients what their teeth look like and record them for future reference. Digital radiography enables us to give quick, accurate diagnosis of problems and to show patients what the problem is on the computer screen.

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