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We fill all front teeth with white (composite) fillings. We use the highest quality materials with a large range of shades so we can match the fillings to the existing tooth. Decayed or fractured teeth can be built up with composite fillings.
We try to use white materials for back teeth as much as possible as they bond better to teeth and can give them added strength. We talk through the options with each patient and decide which is the most appropriate, taking into consideration the patient’s wishes and the clinical situation.

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Dental Therapist 

Our Dental Therapist Laura is qualified to do fillings that do not involve the nerve of the tooth. This means simple fillings on both back and front teeth. At Acorn Dental the cost of seeing Laura for such fillings will be 30% less than having the same filling done by one of the dentists. If the dentist sees you have a filling that needs doing and that it is within Laura’s scope of practice, you with be given costings for both and it is up to you whom you wish to have the filling done by. You can see whomever you wish for the filling.

In general teeth that are causing someone pain ( rather than just being a little sensitive) are not appropriate to be seen by Laura as, in order to be causing such pain, the nerve must be involved. These teeth will always be treated by one of the dentists.

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