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Composite Build Ups

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White (composite) fillings bond brilliantly to teeth and because of this, composite can be used to change the shape of teeth without any drilling to the teeth. In this way we can close unsightly gaps between teeth, lengthen shorter teeth and replace tooth structure that has been lost through grinding or acid attack.

The teeth are simply etched with a mild acid to make the enamel accept the bonding agent and the composite applied in layers. Different shades of composite are used to match the patient’s teeth so they blend seamlessly with the surrounding tooth structure. The process can be done without numbing and the tooth underneath remains completely intact. The composites can be easily repaired and polished over in future years. This technique is a particular favourite of the dentists at Acorn Dental Practice as it is minimally invasive and, since it involves no laboratory costs, is much cheaper for the patient. It can be used following whitening the teeth for those patients who are also not happy with the colour of their teeth.

    This advanced teeth bonding technique is a minimally invasive and cost effective dental treatment that uses clear forms that are then filled with heated composite material matched to the shade of your teeth. The Biofilm (a layer of bacteria on the surface of all teeth) is removed prior to placement of the composite. The clear form sits just below the gum line so that the teeth appear to emerge naturally. Bioclear is perfect for closing dark triangles, diastema closure and uneven or broken teeth correction.

A recent case treating dark triangles caused by gum disease.

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