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Teeth Whitening

This is quickest and easiest way to improve your smile. It is safe and effective and legally can only be done by a dentist. At Acorn Dental Practice custom made whitening trays are made by taking impressions of the patient’s teeth. The patient then applies gel to the inside of the trays and wears them either overnight or for a specific time each day, depending on the patient’s preference.

The treatment usually takes 14 to 21 days and the effect is maintained by whitening one day or night a month. The treatment can cause the teeth to be sensitive during the whitening process and a little inflammation in the gums but these settle down quickly after the treatment is finished. We do not use any lights or lasers as these have been shown to be no more effective than the tray whitening and cause a lot more side effects, as well as being more costly.

Internal Bleaching
This is used when a patient has a tooth that has been successfully root treated but the tooth is darker than the others. It involves putting the bleach inside the tooth after the filling over the root filling has been removed. After bleaching the filling is replaced.
It is a process that has mixed results but is certainly worth trying before going on to more invasive or costly procedures.

Bleaching Before and After

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