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New Patients

New PatientsWe believe the most important visit you have with us is your Examination appointment. This is where we can assess what, if anything, needs doing and decide the best way forwards to a healthier mouth. At your first visit we will ask you to fill out a medical history questionnaire as well as talk to you about your past dental experiences. We will also discuss whether there is any family history of disease.  We will take time to discuss any concerns or problems you may have with your teeth and gums including how your teeth look.  If you are anxious about dentists, we will talk you through what you are afraid of and discuss ways to make you feel more comfortable.  Once we have talked through your concerns we will then carry out a full examination.

What’s in an Examination

Once we have collected all this information we formulate and discuss your treatment options, providing you with the costs for each one. We discuss prevention measures such as diet and the use of Fluoride to prevent decay as well as ‘Stop Smoking’ advice. We will discuss our preventative plans and identify what is right for you.

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