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16 May 2014

Another thumbs up for fluoridation!

Further evidence that water fluoridation works has been published by Public Health England.

Its reports say that people living in fluoridated areas in the UK have lower levels of tooth decay and that children are less likely to need diseased teeth removed under general anaesthesia than those living in non-fluoridated areas. And it has confirmed that there is no evidence that water fluoridation schemes in the UK are harmful to health.

The reports most striking finding was that 28% fewer five-year-olds have tooth decay in fluoridated areas compared with those in non- fluoridated areas when deprivation and ethnicity- both important factors for dental health- are taken into account.

BDA scientific adviser Professor Damien Walmsley said: ‘”The report is a timely reminder of the significant role that fluoridation plays in reducing tooth decay, which remains a significant health problem in England.

It also emphasises the important role it plays in alleviating the misery of dental general anaesthesia in children. When tooth decay i a preventable disease, its depressing that so many children in England- at least 25,000 last year- have such extensive tooth decay that they need to have this procedure.”

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