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21 February 2016 Read more

Tooth whitening helps oral health

As well as making your teeth look better, tooth whitening has been shown to actually improve the health of your mouth. The whitening gels release products that, as well as whitening your teeth, reduce gum inflammation, reduce decay and promote wound healing in the mouth. Having whiter teeth has also been shown to promote better oral hygiene measures- people like the look of their teeth so they spend more time cleaning them. This in turn reduces gum inflammation and reduces the chance of decay. More reasons to have your teeth whitened!

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1 February 2016 Read more

Sugar is in the news

The newspapers and tv are full of stories about reducing sugars, at last!!! We dentists have felt we have been lone voices nagging our patients for years! Great that the media has finally caught on. The total amount of sugars we eat is very important to our general health, particularly our risk of Type 2 diabetes. Regarding the teeth, it is not just the quantity of sugars but HOW OFTEN those sugars are taken and in what form. Even a small amount of carbohydrate ( including sugars) will allow the bacteria

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3 January 2016 Read more

Mouth cancer linked to gum disease

Research has shown that people with gum disease are more than 2 and a half times more likely to get a head and neck cancer. Also people who lose 6 or more teeth are at least 60% more likely to suffer from a head and neck cancer, the risk increasing with every tooth lost. The main factors causing mouth cancer are smoking and tobacco, other ones being sunlight and the Human Papilloma Virus. This last causal agent is more common in younger people in whom the rates are increasing. What can

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29 December 2015 Read more

Don’t ignore pain

Over 50% of the brain that deals with sensation covers the head alone, with the rest of the body being covered by the rest. This is why pain in the mouth and face affects us more than any other part of the body. Ignoring long standing pain can lead to permanent tissue damage which, in turn, can lead to permanent nerve damage. Such nerve damage can mean the pain continues even after the cause of the pain, such as a decayed tooth, has been removed. If you start getting pain, get it treated

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2 March 2015 Read more

Groundbreaking move by Specialist Tooth Stem Cell Bank

Specialist Tooth Stem Cell Bank BioEden present Ground breaking move Stem cell treatments may hold the promise to fight disease previously thought untreatable. As a result, ‘the need to have one’s own cells preserved and safe is becoming the highest of priorities’, says Group CEO Tony Veverka. BioEden’s success and specialism in the field of tooth cell banking mean that to date they are the only biotechnology company able to offer this potentially life- saving service at the lowest of costs. Seen as a healthier alternative to cord blood banking

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