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5 October 2016 Read more

A winning smile isn’t just for selfies!

A recent survey has found that 77% of employers think that bad teeth can damage career prospects and 60% say it would hinder promotions!

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7 April 2016 Read more

Tooth decay is fuelled by SUGAR

Tooth decay has become the number one reason why children are admitted to hospital. 14,000 children aged 5 and under had been admitted for tooth extraction in 2014/15, this is a 10% increase in the last 4 years!

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2 March 2016 Read more

Oral cancer checks

New research has revealed that only a quarter of GPs feel they have sufficient knowledge about oral cancer. If you have concerns about anything in your mouth, a lump, white patch or an ulcer that has not healed after more than 2 weeks, go to your dentist to have it checked rather than your GP, they are the mouth experts. Early diagnosis improves prognosis as well as reduces adverse effects of treatment such as speech difficulties, difficulty in chewing and disfigurement. Any ulcer or lump in the mouth or neck,

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24 February 2016 Read more

Check what is in your coffee

The next time your order your favourite flavoured coffee or tea check out how much sugar is in it. Researchers from Action on Sugar have shown these flavoured drinks can have more than 9 teaspoons of sugar in them. One fruit flavoured drink had 25 teaspoons of sugar!!! All outlets have to provide nutritional information on their products, check these first and go for sugar free alternatives. That way you can enjoy the taste without the guilt. Better for your teeth, your health and your waist!

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21 February 2016 Read more

Illegal Tooth Whitening Prosecutions

The General Dental Council continue to prosecute illegal tooth whitening. No-one other than dentists ( or hygiene/therapists under direct supervision of a dentist) are legally allowed to carry out tooth whitening. This is to ensure the safety of patients. If you see tooth whitening being carried out somewhere other than a dental surgery, report it to the GDC.

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