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7 February 2014 Read more

Prevention of dental caries in children of 3-7 years

Information from the English Dental Department of health toolkit. Brush teeth twice a day, last thing at night and on one other occasion. Brushing should be supervised, and a pea sized amount placed on the brush. Use a 1450 ppm fluoride toothpaste. Tell the child to spit out after brushing but not to rinse with a large volume of water. Make sure that sugary foods and drinks are confined to meal times only. prescribe sugar-free medicine.

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3 January 2014 Read more

The prevention of dental caries children 0-3 years

Information from The Department of Health Prevention Toolkit. Children 0-3 years From 6 months of age should be introduced to drinking from a cup. At 12 months taking any liquids from a feeding bottle should be discouraged, especially at night. Sugar should not be added to foods or drinks. Parents should be brushing twice a day when teeth erupt. A smear of fluoride toothpaste containing no less than 1000 ppm F should be used. Frequency of sugar snacks should be controlled. Sweet foods should be consumed at meal times only.

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27 November 2013 Read more

Phasing out of amalgam (mercury) fillings.

A treaty was signed in Japan in October that included the world-wide phasing-down of dental amalgam. Dental amalgam contains mercury. The convention encourages the use of alternative materials such as composite (white) filling materials wherever possible. This is something we have being doing for some time.

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9 September 2013 Read more

Do not brush straight after eating.

When we eat carbohydrates, including sugars, the enamel on out teeth is softened. If we brush at this point we will rub our enamel away. leave it an hour after eating before brushing or, better still, brush before eating.  

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29 August 2013 Read more

Never eat just before bed.

At night our saliva flow dramatically drops. Any acid in our mouth will not be washed away and will linger around our teeth, causing more damage.

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