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National STOP snoring week!

  Do you loose sleep because a partner is snoring? or do you suffer from snoring?….. the SLEEPWELL appliance is here to help!! The SLEEPWELL is tailor-made to fit you, its’s a two piece appliance that is self-adjusting to optimise effectiveness. SLEEPWELL is the most clinically-proven mandibular advancement splint on the market (Barnes et al., 2004) it helps stop snoring and assists with mild to moderate sleep apnoea, its has a life expectancy of 3 years. To find out more information please visit S4Sdental.com or contact the practice on 01904

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Tooth decay still on the rise among English children

The number of children in England having their teeth removed because of decay has increased for the fourth year in a row. please visit the following website for more information http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35672775

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13 October 2016 Read more

Top Tips to help get your children to brush their teeth!

Let them practice on you- It may be a little uncomfortable but it will no doubt be enjoyable for them. If you’re a good actor you can make it seem fun and no doubt they’ll soon want in on the action. Be a tooth brushing idol- sticking with the acting theme, everyone knows how much children like to mimic their idols and play grown-up. Boys watch their fathers’ shave while girls watch their mothers’ apply make up. Try letting your children watch you go through a well-rehearsed flossing and brushing

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6 October 2016 Read more

HPV ACTION help stop mouth cancer!

HPV is the cause of genital warts and 5% of cancers including oral cancer. Girls are begin vaccinated, what about boys?? The government have started a pilot study but don’t expect to start vaccinating boys until 2020 at least. How many additional cancers will be started by then? VACCINATE NOW! more information here- http://www.hpvaction.org/

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Instant relief challange!

Colgate sensitive pro-relief can give instant pain relief from sensitive teeth. 82 dental professionals took the challenge 98% would recommend it and 99% would use it themselves.

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