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24 June 2019

Reasons to Invest in a Dental Plan

As we get older or move into adulthood, many worry about going to the dentist due to the cost. According to an oral health study, more than half of UK adults haven’t attended a dentist checkup in 24 months or more. This can mean problems are not caught at an early stage, a simple small filling could have progressed in to a root canal treatment or extraction. Regular check ups mean things are caught earlier, saving you money and keeping your mouth healthier.

A Dental Plan is a way of spreading the cost of your treatment as well as most practices giving preferential access to appointments for those on their Dental plan so plan patients are seen quicker in the case of an emergency. Some plans also include

 a)access to an out of hours service for their plan patients

 b) emergency cover for dentistry whilst on holiday – most holiday insurance does not cover dental problems

 c) dental accident insurance.

Difference between a dental plan and dental insurance

There are two sorts of Dental Payment Plans, a Dental Insurance Scheme and a Dental Care Plan.

Dental Insurance

A Dental Insurance Scheme usually covers all routine fillings and hygiene visits so you don’t have to pay after each visit. They do not usually cover the whole cost of more advanced treatments such as crowns and bridges or dentures as well as cosmetic work such as whitening treatments or veneers.

The cost for each patient for an insurance plan is set according to how much treatment you have had in the past and you usually have to be dentally fit (ie not need any fillings) in order to join the scheme.

If you have had a lot of fillings and/ or root fillings and crowns then your fee will be a lot more than someone who has just a couple of small fillings.

Insurance schemes are the most expensive option but they do give you the peace of mind that you don’t pay at each visit.

Dental Care Plans

Dental Care Plans come in two sorts, a company that covers your treatment costs at any practice or  one that the Dental Practice itself runs.

There are lots of providers through whom you can claim the cost of your dental work back ,either with an NHS or Private practice. There is usually a limit which you can claim back each year. You pay a monthly amount then, when you have treatment,you send the receipt to the company and they refund the cost. Different providers cover different treatments and there is sometimes a waiting period from your joining the plan to when you can put in your first claim. Some plans are combined Dental and Optical Plans. Some employers provide these sort of plans.

Practice Based Dental Care Plans are individual to each practice. Most commonly the monthly fee covers the cost of your check ups and hygienist visits but then the patient pays the cost for any fillings or crowns etc on top of that. The monthly fee is usually a lot lower than a Dental Insurance Plan and is not weighted according to what you had done in the past. You do not have to be dentally fit nor is there a waiting period when you join these plans. The fees are set by each practice and can vary within the practice according to how many visits a year you may need either with the dentist and/ or the hygienist. Often preventative work such as Fluoride treatments and Xrays are included in the plan. There is often a small element of insurance in the Care Plan to cover emergency call outs, holiday and accident cover. The cost of these plans (minus the insurance part) can be claimed back if you have a company or employee plan.

Can cover you and your family

Lots of plans cover children and are usually at a much lower cost than that for adults. Some plans include a student plan for those in full time education as well as a denture plan for people  with few or no teeth.

Reduced stress

With a dental plan, you can rest easy that everything will be sorted out if disaster strikes. Just the same as if you experienced a flood or fire in your house but have home insurance to cover any damage, a dental plan can cover any costs or damage when you experience a dental emergency such as a chipped tooth or an abscess. Plans can cover the cost of calling a dentist out after hours or at the weekend as well as if you need to see the dentist when you are on holiday. Damage due to an accident such as a fall or car crash can also be covered.

Range of treatments

A dental plan can cover a range of treatments from advice and checkups to x-rays and restorative treatment. Some also can include cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and adult braces. With so many plans available everyone can have a healthy smile.

Acorn Dental Practice –a  private dentist in York, offering dental plans and a range of expert services

At Acorn Dental Practice, we provide high quality dental services and comprehensive dental plans to suit all. Switching to a dental plan with a private dentist also means you can bypass any NHS waiting lists and be given personal and unrushed care and advice.

As friendly and expertly trained dentists, we can handle any issue from a simple checkup to emergency services. For more information regarding our dental practice in York, get in touch with our helpful reception desk on 01904 789 876 or visit our website today.

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