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24 May 2019

How To Tell If You Have Gum Disease And What To Do About It

According the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly half of adults above the age of 30 have gum disease but don’t even realise it. However by familiarising yourself with the tell tale signs and symptoms, you’ll be able to identify the issue early on and tackle it. Once you are aware of what to look out for, you’ll hopefully be able to prevent gum disease from happening or hopefully prevent it. Read on to find out more.

The warning signs

There are a few key things to look out for in terms of gum disease, if you have any of the symptoms listed below, it’s really important that you seek the guidance of a professional dentist as soon as you can. They will be able to inform you if you’ve got gum disease and to what degree its progressed.

Some of the most obvious signs to look out for include:

  • Bad breath that won’t go away
  • Bleeding when you floss or brush
  • Swollen gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Pockets between your teeth
  • Changes in the way your teeth fit together

Variations of gum disease

Insufficient oral care can lead to gum disease, we know this. But there are two specific types of gum disease to look out for, they are Gingivitis and periodontitis. The former is a mind form of gum disease which is caused by plaque and tartar build up on the teeth.

Untreated Gingivitis could evolve into periodontitis. This disease infects the gum tissue and more significantly, causes gum pockets and infection of bone tissue. In more advanced stages your teeth can become loose and fall out.

What you can do to prevent this

Stay ahead of the game by maintaining consistent oral hygiene at home. Be sure to brush and floss every day to remove any harmful bacteria. You must also see your dentist twice a year for routine check ups and to check for cavities and gum disease. If you do happen to have any kind of gum disease, your dentist will recommend an in-office treatment to aid this. Working with your dentist to improve your teeth at home is the best way of improving your chances of fighting gum disease.

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