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13 October 2016

Top Tips to help get your children to brush their teeth!


Let them practice on you- It may be a little uncomfortable but it will no doubt be enjoyable for them. If you’re a good actor you can make it seem fun and no doubt they’ll soon want in on the action.

Be a tooth brushing idol- sticking with the acting theme, everyone knows how much children like to mimic their idols and play grown-up. Boys watch their fathers’ shave while girls watch their mothers’ apply make up. Try letting your children watch you go through a well-rehearsed flossing and brushing routine, making a point of how important it is.

Make it in to a game- Something as dull a brushing your teeth can be transformed into an incredible mission to destroy bugs and cavities that are on the loose in your mouth. The weapon of choice: a toothbrush with powerful foaming paste to drown them out. Add to the drama by putting on some music and a timer and if they manage to last the recommended two minutes, they WIN!

Offer mini incentive & rewards- Create or buy a calendar and stickers that your children will love. if they have successfully brushed their teeth morning and night give them a sticker to mark their efforts. At the end of the week or month, this could lead to a bigger reward, say for instance extra pocket money or maybe even a toy.

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